Family Pool

Pool Services in Toms River, New Jersey

Make sure your backyard is ready to make a splash this summer when you choose pool services from Affordable Pool Service in Toms River, New Jersey. Our reliable pool opening service package are competitively priced from $225– and we guarantee all of our work.

Pool Openings Include

• Remove Winter Cover
• Remove Safety Covers
• Lower the Anchors
• Fold and Put Away Cover
• Remove Winter Plugs
• Install Directionals
• Inspect Liner or Concrete
• Inspect Filter System and
  Pool Pumps
• Install Hand Rails and Ladders
• Prime Pumps
• Charge Filters
• Shock Poll and Add D.E.,
  If Necessary
Pool Pumps - Pool Services
Contact us in Toms River, New Jersey, and let our pool service professionals get your backyard paradise ready for summer.